A new hope to combat the Covid-19

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A new hope to combat the Covid-19

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Early data from trials potential coronavirus vaccines, done by some experts, increased confidence that a vaccine can train the immune system to recognize and fight Covid-19 without serious side effects.

Whether any of these efforts will result in a safe and effective vaccine capable of protecting billions of people and ending the global pandemic is still far from clear. All will require much larger studies to prove they can prevent infection with the virus.

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Re: A new hope to combat the Covid-19

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Hormones produced by different glands have an important role inside our body system. Our body system has different processes starting on breathing, blood circulation, on how the food being processed inside our body system, hormone production, waste elimination, reproduction, provides form, support and communication between and coordination of all the body system. That is why if one of the body systems has malfunction, hormones produced will be affected.
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